1 - The Statuette

Published in Issue 13 of ~Monas Hieroglyphica~. The first story I ever wrote. I was reading the collected works of M.R. James at the time, so I was heavily influenced by his style.

2 - A Puzzle in the Churchyard
Another story in the style of M.R. James, adapted from a composition I wrote at school a number of years earlier. Following an extensive rewrite, which saw some sections transformed beyond all recognition, it was published in Volume II, Issue 1 of ~The Willows~. If you haven't already come across it, this magazine is definitely worth checking out, as it is one of the few remaining havens for weird tales in the classic Victorian tradition. If you like the work of Blackwood, Dunsany, Hodgson and Machen, then you cannot fail to enjoy it.
3 - Daring the Devil
Short story inspired by Marlowe's Dr. Faustus. Click here to read this story.
4 - The Wretched of the Earth
Vampire novel. Written as a learning experience & never intended for publication. I later extracted parts of this and moulded them into a short story called The Blackening Process (see below).
5 - The Blackening Process
6 - A Tale of the Major Arcana
Short story inspired by my interest in the tarot. Published in Volume 3, Issue 10 of ~Waxing & Waning~, a magazine that was once a godsend (or perhaps that should be goddess-send) to anyone interested in the Pagan or Wiccan lifestyles, but has now sadly ceased publication.
7 - Deprived Spirit
Short gothic horror story with a modern setting. Click here to read this story.
8 - The Face of Death
Short story on the subject of death. Appearing soon - publisher to be confirmed.
9 - The Trouble with Wishing
Children's novel. A departure from the norm, but a piece I am still fairly pleased with. Heavily influenced by Lewis Carroll and Frank L. Baum.
10 - Tragedy Begets Tragedy
To date unfinished, but something I will definitely return to when I have the time. Short story heavily influenced by my love of acting.
11 - And the Light Shineth in Darkness
Unfinished vampire novel. Having already written one novel on the subject of vampires, I realised soon after starting a second one that I really wanted to move onto something else, so I abandoned it after the first chapter. Having said that, I truly believe that it contains some of my best prose, so I may one day ressurect it. Click here to read the story so far.
12 - The Avarice in a Kiss
One of my favourite short stories to date. A rip-roaring tale of ghosts and swashbuckling in the style of a traditional gothic novel. Click here to buy this story in novelette form.
13 - Destination Earth
Short science fiction story. My first dalliance into this genre, influenced by Guy De Maupassant's The Horla. Has been extensively reworked in the years since it was originally written and undergone two changes of title. Published in Volume 1, Issue 1 of ~The Literary Bone~, a sadly short-lived publication, which featured a tantalising menu of genre and literary fiction.
14 - Seeing Spirits
Fairly traditional ghost story with a modern setting. This is a piece of work that until recently, I was never completely happy with and regularly amended. The current and final version is half the length of the original and has a new title (it was previously called Preternatural Adventures on the Nocturnal Highway). It finally saw the light of day in the Fall 2008 issue of ~Sinister Tales~ (my second appearance in this particular magazine after Love in a Cemetery, which appears further down in this list).
15 - Untitled film script
Unfinished script for a film about a rock singer who goes insane. Work-in-progress, so stay tuned.
16 - In Pursuit of a Castle
Short ghost story. Written over the course of two hours, making it my fastest story so far. Also notable because it marked the end of my only hiatus from writing fiction to date. Published in the April 2008 edition of Static Movement, an outstanding online publication, which can be viewed completely free of charge.
17 - The Fashion Victim

Published in Issue 20 of Writer's Muse, which was the penultimate edition of the first incarnation of this particular publication, though I am pleased to say that it has now been resurrected. A short horror story based in the unlikely setting of the modern fashion world.

18 - A Costly Wager

Short fantasy story, very much in the vein of J.R.R. Tolkien. To be honest, the short story market is flooded with material from this particular genre, but I've always loved it, so I figured what the hell. Published in Sorcerous Signals, an award winning online publication, specialising in high fantasy. Also available in print form from the same publisher in Issue 4 of ~Mystic Signals~.

19 - Memories

Short vampire story that grew out of a fragment I had written many years before. Published in Issue 3 of the outstanding vampire magazine, Night to Dawn.

20 - The Experiment
Short science fiction comic, born out of my desire to experiment in different mediums. A collaborative work with the amazingly talented Marcello Abreu (artist) and Brant W. Fowler (letterer). Published by AE - The Canadian Science Fiction Review in March 2013.
21 - The Rock Medium
Short gothic horror story, with themes ranging from rock music to insanity. Another of my favourite stories. Published in the April 2005 issue of the regrettably short-lived ~Thirteen~.
22 - Through the Eyes of Another
Another gothic story, this time born out of my fascination with Highgate Cemetery.
23 - They Come From Below

Short story that is best classified as dark fantasy. My own personal doff of the hat to William Shakespeare. Published in the inaugural issue of Ethereal Tales, which is available in both printed and audio form. Although it's early days, I feel this magazine is one to watch, as it's a real labour of love. It will be of particular interest to those who are into vampires, as there is a heavy emphasis on vampire fiction.

24 - Michael Steele is Dead
My first ever play. Another example of my desire to try out different mediums. Published in 2003 by New Theatre Publications. Yet to be performed, but received a very positive review in the February 2006 issue of Amateur Stage. Available to purchase at
25 - The Oldest Profession on Earth

Erotic horror story. More explicit than my usual style, but a piece I am proud of, with a good twist at the end. Published in Issue 2, Volume II of ~Scared Naked~, a quarterly journal of "warped sexuality and feral fantasy", which has now sadly ceased publication.

26 - All I Want for Christmas

My second science fiction comic. Crafted exclusively for this particular medium, but with a twist I would have been happy to use anywhere. Appeared in issue 6 of Murky Depths with artwork by Mark Chilcott, an artist of the highest order.

27 - Do you Really Want to Know?

Dark fantasy story based in another world. One of the few pieces where I have found it neccessary to make fundamental changes in order to achieve the desired result. If I release an omnibus, I may consider tagging the deleted parts onto the end, so anyone who's interested can see how the previous drafts differed.

28 - All By Myself

Short horror story. This one grew out of a vague idea that popped into my head as I was writing something else. I wasn't sure it would work, but was pleased with the results. Published in Issue 8 of Twisted Tongue. This magazine is available as a free PDF document , but I would highly recommend picking up a print copy, as the quality is second to none.

29 - The Gorgon

Short horror story. Inspired by a holiday to Spetses (one of the Greek Islands). Given the title, it is probably superfluous to say that it has strong links to Greek mythology. Published in Issue 46 of Dark Horizons, one of the two bi-annual journals of the British Fantasy Society.

30 - Picture This

Dark science fiction story. Set in small-town America and written very much with the U.S. market in mind. At the risk of sounding less than humble, this one has a slightly Lovecraftian feel to it. Published in Issue 17 of Hadrosaur Tales.

31 - The Heart of a King

Athurian fantasy. The story behind this one is pretty simple really. I have always loved tales of Camelot and the Round Table, so I decided to have a go at writing one myself. Published in the seventh and last issue of an extremely high quality magazine called LEGEND: Worlds of Possibility, which also featured a fascinating interview with Storm Constantine.

32 - Time Strider

Screenplay for the pilot episode of a television series. I had the basic idea for this years ago, but have only recently got around to completing it. With component elements that include samurai warriors and time travel, it is perhaps my most commercially viable piece of writing so far.

33 - Of Body and Soul

Short vampire story. This is a piece that I like to think is just that lttle bit different from anything else in the genre. It took me a long time to get around to writing it, because I was so happy with the basic idea that I wanted to make sure I did it justice. Published in Issue 4 of Night to Dawn.

34 - And Justice For One
Ghost story set in the old American west. Fairly traditional in tone, but different enough to be interesting. My main consideration in writing this one was to take things in a completely new direction from my previous story. I am very happy with the way it turned out. Published in the spring 2005 (Volume 4) issue of ~Seasons in the Night~.
35 - The Last Centurion
A historical story, with no fantasy or horror base, and hence, a considerable departure from my normal work. The story takes place shortly after the Romans left Britain, and came about as a result of my interest in this particular period in history. The reason for the change in direction is that I wrote the story to enter in a literary competition, where genre fiction is frowned upon. Performed in a Tales of Old podcast in January 2012 (Issue 29).
36 - Into the Pit
Another departure from my normal style. Not quite as much as the story above, though, as this one does include horror elements. Written on a whim as a second entry to the same literary competition, but deliberately different to ensure that both entries were distinct. Set in a coal-mining town in the heart of Yorkshire, it is a gritty slice of working-class life, with plenty of drama and what I hope is a likeable main character. Published in the Reflections issue of ~La Fenêtre~, an eclectic literary magazine, which I am sorry to say has gone to that great big library in the sky..
37 - Love a Cemetery
My second foray into the world of erotic horror. The idea occurred to me while exploring Highgate Cemetery. Like many stories in this niche genre, it starts off titillating, but it isn't long before the supernatural rears its ugly head (and it is an ugly head - read the story and you'll see what I mean). Published in Volume 2.3 of ~Sinister Tales~, a nicely presented magazine, which specialised in horror, and fortunately for me, did not shy away from adult themes and material.
38 - Ashes to Ashes
Written after a long hiatus from short fiction, during which time I was focused on my epic comic script (see below), the story seemed to flow out of my pen as if it had a life of its own. I suppose if you allow an idea to brew for long enough, the constituent parts have a chance to really come together in your head. My influences in writing this one ranged from Stephen King to M.R. James, Incidentally, this is my third story featuring a rock singer as one of the main characters.
39 - The Hand of Thoth
Script for a comic mini-series. The story is spread over ten issues, but I have left the ending open, so it can be developed into an ongoing saga if the initial run proves to be a success. It falls firmly under the umbrella of dark fantasy, though I have also incorporated some key elements from the superhero genre. Hopefully we are looking at a publication date for the first issue sometime in 2008, but I make no guarantees. I have high hopes for this one, but even if it doesn't take off, I won't regret writing it, as it was a real blast.
40 -The Crystal Ship My first, and as of yet, only children's novel. Extensive information, including two slideshows of the stunning artwork by Mauro Vargas, can be found at the dedicated website - . To purchase your very copy of the book, click here.
41 & 42 - Kiss Of Death

A dual one act play and short story project.

Given my love of the theatre and my horror background, it was perhaps inevitable that I would eventually try my hand at writing a play about the supernatural. Self-published to enable me to offer an unconditional performance licence, I am hopeful of a debut production in the latter part of 2009 (venue to be confirmed). Click here to buy a copy of the script.

As for the short story; this was begun while I was working on the play, when I decided that I wanted to explore some of the ideas and themes in more detail. Obviously, the overall concept is the same, but there are a number of differences in the plot, resulting from my desire to let both pieces grow organically. Published in Issue 7 of ~Macabre Cadaver~, accompanied by a stunning illustration.

43 - Different Worlds
Short story about two people falling in love. Another departure from my usual stomping ground, this time into the world of straight fiction. There was a strong temptation to stray into the realms of dark fantasy, but I am pleased to say that I managed to resist; the reason being that the story was written as an entry into a literary competition, and as I have already said, fantasy and horror are severely underrated in these kind of arenas. Published in the October 2009 issue of The Bracelet Charm.
44 - The Cat's Tale
Another experiment in Arthurian fantasy. This time, I decided to move away from the more familiar areas and focus on a lesser known character called Sir Degrevaunt. Envisaged as the first episode in an ongoing series, the story has a clear beginning and end, but also sets the scene for what is to come. Not sure exactly where I will be taking the character in the future, but it will be a lot of fun finding out. Dedicated to my cat, Pebbles, whose untimely death inspired me to write it.
45 - The Threat From Within
The second in my planned series of stories about Sir Degrevaunt, written immediately after the first. Builds on what I had done previously, but is of a darker tone, adding a touch of horror. I have also introduced a romantic element and delved a little deeper into Sir Degrevaunt's past. Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed writing the piece and am looking forward to starting work on the next installment, though I will be taking a long break first to concentrate on other projects. The story was published in serial form in Issues 12 and 13 of Twisted Tongue.
46 - Freeing the Flames
The first of two pieces of flash fiction written to provide a little light relief during the pursuit of my latest mammoth project. A dreamlike horror, influenced by the works of Edgar Allen Poe. As flash fiction is not something I tend to do very often, writing this story made a nice change. It was also a learning experience, because the length restriction forced me to consider the value of every word.
47 - Meeting Charon
Companion piece to Freeing the Flames. Written consecutively, the two stories are linked by a common theme, but there the similarity ends. This piece is a lighter treatment of the subject, with lashings of humour. It is also written in the first person, which for some reason helped me to limit the number of words. Works along the lines of a traditional horror, with a neat twist at the end. Published in Issue 2 of Ethereal Tales.
48 - Moonlit Rendezvous

My first purely erotic story. Inspired by my interest in masks and masquerades, this piece was written on a whim to enter into a competition. Sadly, it failed to win. Although it has a nice twist at the end, the content is a little kinky, so if you are easily offended, you should probably steer clear. Published in ~Lucrezia~, a sadly defunct online magazine dedicated to showcasing cutting edge erotic fiction and art.

49 - The Bayonet
Another competition entry, but this time, a ghost story. Obviously, ghost stories are familiar ground for me now, but in my opinion, this is one of my best. The plot is tight, it is well paced and I was able to work in a number of ideas that I have been toying with for years. Although it has a modern setting, it is very much in the traditional vein. Appearing in a forthcoming Green Gecko Publishing anthology called ~Passion for Ghost Stories~.
50 - A Space Pirate in Love
Short story straddling the genres of science fiction and erotica. Fun to write and hopefully not entirely uninteresting to read. I kept the tone reasonably light, so the twist at the end would pack a greater punch. Has the distinction of being my first piece of work to feature a pirate, albeit a futuristic one. Published in the first part of the Pill Hill Press quarterly anthology ~Daily Flashes of Erotica~.
51 - Living on Borrowed Time Dark fantasy story inspired by a piece of artwork featuring legendary female heavy metal vocalist, Doro Pesch. Since the story probably wouldn't have existed without her, it seemed apt to incorporate her as a character. Whether she will ever read it remains to be seen, but it's the thought that counts. Funny and macabre in equal measures, this is a piece I would definitely recommend to fans of my work. Published in Issue 4 of ~Title Goes Here~.
52 - Breaking Out Eight page science fiction comic book script. The central idea was something I had been toying with for years, but had never been able to nail down. When the plot finally came to me, I knew at once it should be presented in graphic format, so readers would have a chance to actually see the bleak environment it takes place in. The artwork is currently under preparation by Marcello Abreu and I hope to secure publication for the piece in late 2013.
53 - The Blink of An Eye Flash fiction piece, written on a sudden whim. Not a cheerful story, but one I feel will resonate with readers, because the themes (old age, relationships, death, etc.) are universal. I am particularly proud of the twist at the end.
54 - The Ether Existence Not so short science fiction story, heavily influenced by my love of the pulp magazines from the 1930s and 1940s. A light-hearted piece, packed with action and adventure, it was fun to write and will hopefully be fun for others to read. If rockets, rayguns and tentacled aliens are your kind of thing, then this is one for you.
55 - In the Beginning

Epic novella straddling the lines between science fiction, comedy and horror. A piece I wrote because I fancied breaking some rules. All too often, editors say you will have a hard time convincing them to buy space opera or stories about vampires, werewolves, zombies, etc.. I say to hell with them. This one has all of those things and more. Call it an experiment in defiance. Whether or not the experiment turns out to be successful remains to be seen. Watch this space.

56 & 57 - Novels
Two in total - one fantasy and one horror. Top secret at the moment, I'm afraid, but well on the way to completion.



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