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It is often said that there is nothing in the world that has not been done before. This attitude can only serve to stifle creativity, turning all those it infects from doers into talkers. The problem is that the sum of the accomplishments of the human race has become so great that we allow ourselves to be dazzled by it, instead of being inspired to add our own innovations. Too many of us are so busy asking, "What is the point in doing anything, if it has all been done before?" that we waste the potential locked inside us. Where would the world be if Shakespeare or Leonardo da Vinci had allowed themselves to think like this. The poets included here have striven not to be daunted by the past, but to embrace it, thereby creating works that are beautifully written, deeply moving and stunningly original. They are examples to us all that blood, sweat and tears will always pay off. The way to be remembered is to start doing and stop dwelling on what has been done before.



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