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Ever eager to come up with ways of improving the online experience for my visitors, I have decided to open this emporium, where I am intending to offer some exclusive merchandise at foolishly low prices. Although the selection is fairly limited at present, I intend to widen it in the near future.

To promote buyer confidence in the security of transactions conducted through this website, I have decided to make use of the Paypal system. Paypal is a subsidary of eBay, with a long established reputation in the payment processing field.

Read on to find out what exactly is on offer and to take advantage of a rare opportunity to own a piece of my work in a context that is entirely my own vision.
C.J. Carter-Stephenson




As anyone who is familiar with my work will know, I have a natural tendency towards greater length. This is not to say that I do not write stories with small word counts when the occasion demands; it's just that my ideas are usually better suited to a higher level of detail and development. Unfortunately, this has meant that there have been times when I have strayed beyond the acceptable length for magazine submissions, either through bad judgement or because I have let myself get carried away by a particular plot. As developing these stories into full- length novels is not something that I have any interest in doing, I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to decide how to get them into print. When I eventually get around to releasing a collection of my work, they will undoubtedly find their way into that, but in the meantime, I have hit upon the idea of publishing my own series of novelettes. The Avarice in a Kiss is the first of these to emerge from my archaic and highly temperamental printing press, but others are bound to follow. Having said that my own inexperience in the publishing field means that progress is painfully slow, so how long it will be before the next volume actually appears is anybody's guess.




A swashbuckling tale of love, betrayal and intrigue. Jacques de Luna is a rougish troubador, who lives by his wits and the blade of his sword. Whilst travelling from town to town, doing his best to make ends meet with his trusty lute, he has a chance encounter with a beautiful and mysterious woman, called Michelle. He is so moved by the story she tells him about the vile treatment she has received at the hands of her wicked uncle, that he agrees to help her escape. This means confronting her mother's ghost and solving the mystery of her parents' death. Can the ever-resourceful Jacques survive this supernatural encounter or will he end up as just another character in someone else's ballad? Find out in this exciting gothic tale from the pen of Christian Carter-Stephenson.


This novelette is over 40 pages in length and is fully illustrated with carefully selected pictures. It has been lovingly prepared in the style of the old Penny Dreadfuls and is available exclusively through this website. Please note that supplies are limited, so do not delay in placing your order. Each copy purchased will be personally signed by the author. When ordering, please remember to choose a colour for the front cover from the available options. Please also remember to click on the appropriate icon for your particular country, as postage and packaging charges are obviously dependent on this.

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