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Since my early teens, I have enjoyed the wholesome pursuit of creative writing. I suppose it was a natural progression from my love of literature, which provided me with a way of escaping from the monotony of everday life into fantastic worlds, where the cruel hand of fate held no sway. I quickly decided that horror was the medium I enjoyed working in most. I had never had what might be termed a paranormal experience, but such things had always intrigued me. Through my stories, I could delve into the mysteries of the supernatural. I wrote about all manner of strange phenomena, doing my best to live up to the legacy left behind by past masters of the ghost story. For me, scaring people isn't enough. My aim is to weave stories that are admired for their vocabulary beauty as much as for their content. Whether or not I succeed in this is for my readers to judge.

Over the past few years, I have become increasingly prolific in terms of output. This is because I have found a great deal in the world to inspire me. I find that it is best to take full advantage of moments of inspiration and write as much as possible, because they do not last forever. After my long spate of extreme creativity, I suppose I am probably due a period of inactivity, but thankfully there's no sign of it yet. Fingers crossed, I have a few stories left in me before it arrives.

The pieces currently on offer here are from different stages of my life and are not necessarily my best work. Unfortunately, I am still in the process of placing much of my newer material, so I am not at liberty to publish it. Once these stories have appeared in print (and perhaps been gathered together into a collection), then I have no doubt they will find their way onto this website. Having said that, there are a few stories that I am intending to add as soon as I can find the time, but you will have to bear with me on this, as there just don't seem to be enough hours in the day.

Anyway, I have said more than enough in terms of introduction. I hope you find the stories I have selected to be of interest. They are dedicated to all those people who have bought publications that my work has appeared in. After all, it was these sweet souls who first showed me that people might be interested in reading what I had to say. For that, they will always have my gratitude.



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The Blackening Process - a vampire novella (draft version)

Deprived Spirit - a ghost story

Daring the Devil - a horror story

The Avarice in a Kiss - free preview chapter

And the Light Shineth in Darkness - an unfinished novel

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